Problems with My Cronjob and/or it is Not Working

In case you have problems with your cron job please follow these steps for troubleshooting:

  1. Make sure the syntax of your command is correct. For this purpose read carefully the manual for the command you are using;
  2. When setting up the cron job make sure you provide a valid email for receiving the output of your commands. This will help in the debugging.

Rebel Networks' web hosting servers have a standard setup and all popular Linux commands can be invoked using their standard syntax. Here is an example of a cronjob for lynx:

lynx -source

There are many popular applications that recommend setting up a cron job. In case you are using Drupal check this link:

We recommend that for all applications you follow the cron instructions literally.

In case you are interested in setting up a complex cron script we can assist you through
our development services.

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