Transfering Your Cs-Cart from One Host to Another

Transferring your CS-Cart application includes copying your files and database and modifying the config.php file to work with the new server paths.


The most important settings which should be modified in config.php are:


db_host - you should set this to localhost:

$db_host = 'localhost';

db_name - you should enter the shop database name here:

db_name = 'user_cs';

db_user  - here you should enter the username with privileges to access the shop database:

db_user = 'user_cs';

db_password - this is the password for accessing the database:

db_password = 'cspassword';

cscart_http_host - you should set this to your domain name, e.g.

cscart_http_host = '';

cscart_http_dir - here you should enter the relative path to the directory where CS-Cart is installed

cscart_http_dir = '/shop';

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