URL Forwarding from your WRCdomais.com Account

The URL Forwarding service allows you to redirect queries for your domain name to any other URL. This is a great option if you want to get visitors to a website with a long URL, or one that is difficult to remember. You can use our URL forwarding services to forward your domain to any URL or IP address.

To add URL forwarding to your account

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Click on the "My Domains" Tab to manage your domain
  3. Choose the domain you would like to add the URL Forwarding to by selecting the check box.
  4. In the drop down, select "Add/modify services to these domains"
  5. Click the "Go" button
  6. To add the service to your cart, just click on the URL Forwarding link
  7. Click the "Continue" link
  8. Review the Registration Agreement and check the box
  9. Enter credit card information
  10. Click the "Complete Order" button

URL Forwarding Options

Masked (or stealth) URL Forwarding: The true URL of the web site does notappear in the address bar of a user's browser and the domain name being forwarded appears in its place. You can also control the title at the top of the browser window.

Unmasked (or standard) URL Forwarding: The true URL of the web site will appear in the address bar of a user's browser.

Setting Up and Managing URL Forwarding

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on the 'My Services' Tab
  3. Click the 'Manage Services' button next to the domain which has the URL Forwarding service. This will take you to the 'Domain Details' page.
  4. Click on the 'Manage' link next to the service

Configuration Options

Destination: The destination box is where you would enter the URL or IP address where you want the domain forwarded.
IMPORTANT: Enter the complete address of the destination including the http://www when you enter the address in the destination box.

Title:The title box is the title of your webpage when someone visits it.

Meta keywords:Meta keywords are used for the search engines to help find your website in a search.

Meta description: Meta description is a description used in a search engine that tells about your domain. People read this to determine if this site meets the criteria they are looking for.

Welcome Text: Welcome text is only used if you are using a welcome page or an Under Construction page. You can put a note in here to tell people that your site will be up shortly, or any message that you want. But only use it if you don't have a site you're forwarding to!

Disable forwarding: Disable forwarding is only used if you are using something like DNS management instead, otherwise, ignore it.

Use Welcome Page: Use Welcome page should ONLY be checked if you're using an Under Construction page because your site isn't ready to forward to yet. If you check this box, your domain will NOT forward.

Pass subdirectories: When you enable Pass subdirectories the URL will be forwarded to http://www.your-realhost.com/subdir/somepage.html. Normally you would just leave it checked.

NOTE: You can also forward subdomains. To do this, enter the hostname and click the "Add Sub domain" button. This will allow you to add the same options from above. Within 24 hours, your domain will be pointed to your Web site.

NOTE: In order for URL forwarding to work, you must use OUR name servers.

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