How Do I Increase My Page Rank?

Page Rank is a method used by Google Search Engine to rank web pages. A higher page rank means a better position in the search engine results for your web pages.

Basically, page rank defines the quality the visitors get from the page. There is a large array of elements which is responsible for the web pages' quality weight. Some of the important elements are the domain names and URLs, the keywords, the meta data, the links structure, the page structure, the content, the usability, the accessibility and many more. The higher search engine rank will attract more visitors and generate more traffic for your web site.

The Page Rank algorithm is known only to the search engine development teams, but there are different hints which you might follow in order to increase the page rank of your web site:

1. Location - the term is focused on the location of the keyword or the phrase in the web page. The higher the phrase is located in the page structure, the higher the web page will be listed in the search engine results for it. For example, if you put the keyword for which you want the page to be ranked as high as possible by the search engine in the title tag, it can leave behind web pages whose content is dedicated to the specific phrase, but it is missing in the upper part of the page structure.

2. Frequency - if in one web page a keyword is met more frequently than in another web page, the first web page will have a higher search engine page rank than the second. However, you should not use a single keyword too frequently attempting to fool the search engines since they often recognize such techniques as keyword spamming and refuse to rank the corresponding pages.

3. Links - the number and the type of the links are important factors for the web page ranking. Basically the number of relevant incoming links, versus the number of relevant internal links within the page, versus the number of relevant outgoing links influences the page rank in the search engine results.

4. Click-throughs - the search engine monitors the clicks on the web page link in the search results. If the users click more often on your web page link in the search results, it will be ranked higher than a competitive web page that gets less clicks.

Still the page rank depends on a large array of factors and it is difficult to give an exact recipe on how to increase your web page's rank for a defined search engine. You should look for the specific tips and tricks for the given search engine.

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