How to I change Name Servers at Network Solutions

If your webpage domain name is registered with Network Solutions and you want to modify, add or delete its DNS, follow these simple steps.



Step One

Go to

Step Two

Click the "Account Manager" button at the top of the page.

Step Three

Enter your "User ID" and "Password."

Step Four

Click the "Login" button.

Step Five

Enter you domain name you want to change.

Step Six

Click "Go!"

Step Seven

Select "Transfer my domain name to another ISP option."

Step Eight

Click "Go!"

Step Nine

Enter your working email. This email must match with the domain owner's email address.

Step Ten

Click "Go!"

Step Eleven

Choose "Guardian method" from the drop down box under the "Authentication information" heading.

Step Twelve

Use "MAIL-FROM" if you have no password. Otherwise use "CRYPT-PW."

Step Thirteen

Enter the DNS information under the "Nameserver information" heading.

Step Fourteen

Hit "Submit" at the bottom of the page.

Step Fifteen

Check your administrative email account, and forward your service agreement modification request to

Tips & Warnings

  • Upon completion, the DNS changes will take effect within 24-72 hours. As with any domain registrar, it may take up to 72 hours for Nameserver to update globally. You'll know that the domain name propagation has changed when you can access it by typing in your new domain name.


  • AOL software prevents you from directly replying to the message. You'll need to copy the email and create a new mail and send at

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