How do I change name servers at


Step One
Go to

Step Two
Click "My Account" in the dark blue tool bar near the top of the page.

Step Three
Enter your login information.

Step Four
Click "Login."

Step Five
If you've forgotten your login information, click "Forgot your user name or password?" to retrieve it.

Step Six
Enter the domain name you want to change. Click "Domain Name server" (DNS).

Step Seven
At "Modify DNS": Click "delete for the current name servers.” Enter the DNS information.

Step Eight
If you see the "Would you like to make these changes?” prompt, click "Yes."

Step Nine
When you see the "you sure you want to make these changes?" prompt, click "Yes."

Step Ten
A confirmation email is sent to your mailbox. Confirm the changes through the email.

Step Eleven
You're done!
Tips & Warnings

* Once you're done, the DNS changes will take effect within 24-72 hours. As with any domain registrar, it may take up to 72 hours for Nameserver to update globally

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